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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Core Tip: According to French media reports, the Adidas company executives said, in view of Chinese wage increase, to reduce production costs, Adidas ready to be part of the production and procurement transferred from China. Meanwhile, sources said, Nike, Puma and other international giants are ready to be part of the shoe production and procurement transferred from China. October 23 reported that, according to French media recently reported that Adidas CEO Hainer said that given China the wage level continues to improve, to reduce production costs, Adidas ready to part production and procurement from China transfer out. At the same time, sources said, Nike, Puma and other international shoe giant is also preparing to part of the transfer of production and procurement from China. "For the news, we are not very clear." Recently, Adidas due to the high labor costs in China will reduce the proportion of production in China a message, reply Adidas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. extremely cautious. high costs caused by Adi "running away" "within the company is discussing a phased roll-out will be the production base of China's problems, has been sent to study in Southeast Asia, mainly China's rising manufacturing costs and tightening." A Adidas China confirmed to reporters. Currently, the Adidas products nearly 50% are made in China, the country has 264 manufacturing plant. But in recent years China's footwear industry costs have been rising, exceeding the expectations of Adidas, so they consider to be transferred. Asia Footwear Association Secretary-General Li Peng, China's footwear industry in recent years, overall costs rose by 25% to 30%, while the footwear industry average profit margin of 5% to 8%. Especially in the RMB exchange rate instability, may engulf orders profits and even loss-making enterprises. It is reported that Adidas is very concerned about the continuous appreciation of the RMB, the Government of processing trade policies and the impact of new "Labor Contract cheap air jordans Law" on the investment environment in the Mainland, and its large-scale manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Wanbang Shoe companies had intensive discussions. For cost-push increase request foundries, Adidas has made some compromises. China's footwear industry reshuffle also allow Adidas to orders placed embarrassment. "Now is the factory and the buyers of the game process." A shoe company analysis, the current footwear enterprises in Mainland China and affiliated companies, nearly half collapse or atrophy, enhanced bargaining power of large factories, buyers have a lot of hands Unwilling to fare increases and lower orders do not go out, so buyers and factories are in a stalemate. "In the course of the game, the Chinese business orders lost 10% to 15%, the main flow of the Southeast Asian region." foundry to be "held hostage" Object There are long-term study of clothing specialist shoe management told reporters, in fact, in recent years, Adidas and other multinational brands are reducing the proportion of production in China, mainly in increased production cost pressures. And Adidas in the "exodus" of the same time, some foundries have been his "hostage", together went "abroad." According to reports, Taiwan's Yue Yuen Group, set up many factories in mainland China, is dedicated to Adi do OEM, and Southeast Asia in recent years have begun to shift, leaving factories in mainland China has shifted from coastal areas to inland. It is understood that Windsor has more than a dozen industrial zones in Vietnam and Indonesia, hundreds of thousands of employees, the proportion of the increasing production of footwear beyond mainland China. "Has been acquired by Adidas Reebok shoes in Vietnam a month production capacity as high as more than 100 million pairs." Adidas R & D Center main ???? Hung said, it is a shift in the process, Vietnam, Indonesia shoe orders increase, naturally implies a reduction of orders in mainland China. Industry analysis: "If Adidas and other companies to reduce large-scale Retro jordans for sale production line for OEM and matching impact is significant, because many of these companies is difficult to survive independently, just part of the process, relying Adidas and other orders for these companies to survive, external rotation after the order, the pressure of these enterprises increased sharply. " It is understood that Nike also require some Chinese shoe companies moved their production bases in India. It is reported that, for these brands do OEM business has a certain scale and qualification requirements. General manager Suzhou a garment trading company, told reporters: "A lot of plants that only by constantly shift factory, move on to more abundant raw materials, low labor cost areas to survive." He said Adi foundries end of their Supplying a single number has been reduced, the total agents take price also increased. "foundry business situation is very delicate, the key depends on the bargaining power between OEM brand is." Anonymity of the internationally renowned sports brand OEM company official told reporters that his company also In Jiangsu, the partners had asked them to co-invest and build factories in India. But in the study of India's resources, he found inadequate facilities, and other factors have led to worker time capacity can not meet the requirements, causing increased costs, so now only the sidelines. just agree, in fact, many companies have begun to "turn out the manufacturing in China" layout, or at least when the incremental development of the global market, not the Chinese as the first consideration.Nike Kobe 9 EM " Chinese " color matching exposure 2014-07-11 13:57:35 with the summer vacation approaching, Nike will launch a new round of Asian travel activities for its NBA stars, and China is the focus of nature. Nike its star Kobe launched a Nike Kobe 9 EM "CH" XDR color design inspiration, this pair of shoes is from China Zodiac "horse", red net engineering surface with gold Swoosh, gold ink in the bottom and the decoration details. The tongue is printed Cheap jordans online on specially designed Black Mamba pattern, is currently not yet issued specific market information, love friends please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports. wins in the Supra Skytop 3- that a blue Nova 2013-12-08 22:39:44 recently Supra shoes tend to be friends of the color shoes to win favor, after Pink Party and Hemingway, today we introduce to you a very good color. This Supra Skytop 3 with black upper tone, with the lining and later with that touch of blue, blue and black with a splash effect in the bottom, very brisk. This Supra Skytop 3- Nova has been sold on the official website of Supra, interested friends can visit its official website, pay attention to the details of this shoe.??????free runs women black boys hoodies vaubel jewelry saks blue air huarache cleats runs women black boys hoodies" /〉 brand name clothing cheap mens free v running shoes anthracite black baby clothes for boys mens jewellery stores buy beautiful rings online mens clothing online store singapore ring bands blazers black and white womens free runs women black boys hoodies will be available for sale on April 1st fool's day this year, the black and blue Air Jordan 1 "Royal" is undoubtedly a big heavyweight this spring! Royal continuation of the classic dress, with engraved black ban last year wearing the same, the litchi leather make detail, into a more stylish and flamboyant visual elements. know the date of sale, sale volume is of great interest to everyone on the Footaction chain stores offering map has been released, for last year's red, see the volume of the two can be almost the same! and the history of the black and blue and black market resale price, are generally higher in black and blue, you can also take a preliminary judgment on this pair of new black blue market price! number: 555088-007 release date: April 1stJordan Melo M10 & quot; Pure Platinum & quot; multi-graph enjoy 2014-02-24 21:07:57 Jordan Melo M10 has recently released a new color, matte leather cheap foamposites with dazzling yellow embellishment, heel protective plate chrome plated steel. Shoes with Flight Plate technology, around the palm Zoom Air cushion provide excellent cushioning feeling. It is reported that this new color of the Jordan Melo M10 & quot; Pure Platinum & quot; will be landing in March 1 retail stores, the sale price of $ 165, like a friend, please pay close attention. Next we come to appreciate the multi-map through this pair of new color of the shoes. Vans Van Doren Series Camouflage Series debut 2013-12-08 23:41:31 Vans skateboard brand to commemorate the death of its founder, James Van Doren and the creation of regional Van Doren has new products constantly, this of & nbsp; Van Doren Series Camouflage Series includes a Slip-On and Era two shoes, two shoes They are used to create a durable canvas shoes, and injecting green army camouflage pattern covering the last signature style with Vans waffle outsole. It is reported that the two shoes starting from October in the major Vans store shelves, priced at $ 55. Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 UBIQ x New Balance 574 Pictures 2013-12-08 22:41:47 To commemorate the tenth anniversary of UBIQ, specially joint New Balance, with its classic 574 rebounds as a design to create new UBIQ x New Balance 574 shoes. The overall design simple low-key style, using smooth leather with suede material, N word classic orange with black Logo noticeable very decent, become wild single product. The UBIQ x New Balance 574 will be sold in the near future, like a friend, please pay attention intentions.Nike 2013 Fall Winter sports players "The Glove" series of shoes 2013-09-22 12:48:51 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network September 22 hearing, fr jordan 3 katrina 2018 om Seattle called "The Glove" famous player Gary Payton earlier this month into the early part of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Hall of Fame, Nike Sportswear is hereby table this respect point guard position signature shoe Air Zoom Flight revived. Which in 1998 for lacing shoes with hidden zipper shoes wrapped surface design, and the design is fused to the engraved series launched another heel embroidered with Air Force # 20 of 1 CMFT in. The package will be in the range of AF1 shoes shop Saturday landed in Japan atmos, and "The Glove" black and white color version will be introduced university in the coming weeks. (Media Partner: clothing with) Related news[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] has experienced 60 years of running shoes innovation and heritage, 2013 PUMA bring a new training shoes MOBIUM ELITE, it appears, will completely break the traditional concept of running. Because the world's first dynamic PUMA adequate science and technology. PUMA MOBIUM ELITE is available with a retractable foot movement and sports shoes. Its design is derived from bionics and imitating nature. PUMA physiological mobility characteristics of the product for the foot for as long as two years of design and development, innovation and technology to make the soles of the feet can be scaled along the horizontal, vertical and longitudinal three dimensions, which can be coordinated with the overall movement, and arch significantly more natural and more efficient. When PUMA Global Strategy and Innovation Director Luis ? Joseph (Louis Joseph) talking to PUMA MOBIUM design embodied technological innovation, he said: "Every innovation and technology PUMA is always to improve athletes' own experiences as a starting point to encourage aggressive and adventurous idea .MOBIUM ELITE is PUMA actual performance and endless imagination created by the combination of a new running shoes, but also a movement to change with the human dynamics adequate products, by virtue of which the style design concept jordans on sale online has become a dynamic adequate product family run first flagship models. As with the cycle can change the shape of the foot and gait and stretch the concept of the first generation product, MOBIUM ELITE advent will break the static design of logo The traditional concept of running shoes. It combines a variety of science and technology in one, where many technology patent pending. In this regard we are always full of longing, and firmly believe that science and technology have adequate dynamic transformational breakthrough in the field of traditional jogging. "PUMA MOBIUM ELITE through the soles MOBIUM BAND to strengthen leg jumping ability to "figure 8" through the soles of the design of the sole in the running as motivated as the Achilles tendon. The greater the force applied, the greater the rebound. The WINDLASS CHASSIS designed to mimic the arch of the foot winch mechanism of expansion and contraction when on the move. This man-made arch in arch motion to create a platform to help arch complete conversion of the gait in the entire running action. Uppers and outsole MOBIUM be coordinated by WINDLASS CHASSIS, so people in the most natural way to exercise. stride efficiency is a core value lies functional shoes, PUMA designers inspired by the planet's most efficient "running machine": leopard. Together with the expansion and contraction of leopard claws can shrink when standing forward and expand to provide a cushion, and this is similar, PUMA MOBIUM ELITE shoe outsole EXPANSION PODS can follow foot movements. Therefore, PUMA MOBIUM has shock absorption, protection and flexibility can make the runner's stride more efficient, more stable pace of conversion. Three innovative technology PUMA MOBIUM ELITE allows runners can arch forward, rather than a heavy heel, making it the largest kinetic energy release and reduce foot the impact of rapid fall. This shoe after two years of development and testing, has become the new benchmark for functional running shoes. "We are confident that PUMA MOBIUM functional shoes will bring disruptive change." PUMA global footwear product manager Mary ? Taylor (Mary Taylor) said, "by the number of breakthrough technologies, we have created a new The field of sports shoes. Currently, static shoes is the mainstream of the market, the static shoes will not change with the movement of the foot. By design, we make MOBIUM ElITE dynamic adequate technology can stretch with foot movement through another .PUMA performance point of view, through genuine innovation to break with tradition, thus, MOBIUM born, and we had a strong feeling that this would subvert the entire athletic footwear industry "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Center).sports wear products hot, making health and sports fields once again become the focus of attention of the technology giants. The new market means a new profit growth point, regardless of product is not mature, be sure to catch up with the trend, while the market is hot points a cup of soup. Iphone6 Iwatch (actually Apple watch, hereinafter referred to as Iwatch) increases the physical health monitoring again pushed to the cusp of the topic, apple Iwatch "sports and health" propaganda on-chip appeared a lot riding sports lens, then new iphone6 Iwatch what cycling brought what? in retrospect, apple in the movement of the health sector is one of the pioneers, in the early period of iPod Apple launched the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, but at the time due to the limitation of the iPod itself hardware and need to separate Nike + accessories placed in running shoes can realize monitoring the movement, mature period and then hand machine with built-in sensors that make iPhone can eliminates the need for additional hardware, direct calls to the phone's internal sensor, as long as the use of nike+running sports such as software can realization of trajectory records and step function. Today, with the development of smart phones, most software can borrow mobile gravity acceleration sensor and GPS monitoring the movement, but due to the mobile sensor is not designed for the sports development, resulting in the software looks powerful, generally has high power consumption, monitoring results inaccurate phenomenon, resulting in the availability greatly reduced. iPhone6 conference, Apple introduced the latest M8 dynamic co processor 2013 and apple in iphone5s introduced M7 dynamic co processor. It is mainly used for the movement of the user identification, the coprocessor can greatly reduce the power consumption of mobile phones, for a long time movement monitoring possible. In this year's release of iPhone6, apple upgraded the co processor, the new M8 co processor is an important feature that can detect the difference between running and riding. After Nike products the bracelet was upgraded to the second generation was added to ride and motion detection, in this way, in the use of some software for exercise unified timing, it will not appear riding 10km is not running 200m cumulative amount of exercise much embarrassment. in addition, iPhone6 also added a pressure sensor, you can measure the user's altitude, and the results are very accurate measurement. Before there are a lot of riding software will be based on the GPS data display real-time elevation, and after the end of the ride to generate the elevation of the trajectory of the elevation map, and statistics of the cumulative rise and fall of the altitude of the ride. But due to too large fluctuations of GPS data error, making the most of the time elevation data generated map like ECG of jitter, which previously only a mobile phone with a built-in a pressure sensor (such as Samsung S5), now iPhon〉# Sao carved # 2013 autumn and winter, the classic British shoe manufacturer Tricker 's continues to work together with the fashion name END. Brogue, this time brought two pairs of new Bourton, Derby, shoes. The two pairs of shoes are classic Derby shoes as contour to fall from the British countryside atmosphere absorbs ideas by Navy, Aniline and Acorn Antique in two different shades of high-grade leather materials, with exquisite carving details outlining the unique image of British gentleman, and equipped with thick wooden soles show. - - # Reebok Pump Omni # Wansheng shoes for Lite " Pumpkin" #ASICS# Extra Butter x color appreciatd ASICS " Cottonmouth" Gel; Saga Death List 5 branded shoes : a comment on # shoes Reebok Pump Omni # Wansheng - Lite " Pumpkin" color: a #ASICS# Extra Butter x ASICS " appreciatd; Cottonmouth" Gel; Saga Death List 5 branded shoes ladies and gentlemen, the annual Easter is coming. What are you going to do? Recently, Nike Basketball for this purpose, custom shoes design was released. However, the series is still dominated by signature shoes from its four biggest stars, including Kobe X, LeBron 12, Kyrie 1 and KD7, of course. The design inspiration comes from Robin eggs, floral patterns, purple elements and contemporary street art. It will be available at Nike Basketball retailers and Limited on April 12th this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! AV Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper come new year Shawn Yue endorsement three bars, his AJ how to bask? Talking about the relationship between celebrity endorsement and brand development I don't like to buy money at home! Will you play high-end sneakers? By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! ADI, eventually 10000 yuan shoes wang! But these eight pairs of high price shoes are not happy, - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - SuperStar 80s DLX imitation old white gold black label retro ASICS Gel-Lyte V15 men's retro shoes adidas Crazy Light Boost Macus Matt PE real tushang color Air Jordan 1 Mid Bugs Bunny return Hare on sale soon comments on A: adidas Crazy Light Boost Macus Matt PE real tushang a return of Air Jordan 1 Mid Bugs Bunny color Hare on sale soon